Student classes – Tai Chi for 12-25 year olds

Why Tai Chi for students?

As a mother of two teenage high school students, I am passionate about helping people as early as possible to improve their health and wellbeing.

• Does your child shy away from competitive forms of exercise?
• Do they have difficulty maintaining focus?
• Would improvements in ‘calmness and self-discipline’ be welcome?
• Or are you simply searching for screen free activities?

Tai Chi just might be the answer for you and your family.

Tai Chi (Tai Ji Quan 太极拳) originated in China and is an exercise that involves both body and mind. It involves forms (a set sequence of movements) performed softly and gracefully with smooth transitions between each. Many studies and testimonies reveal benefits for students doing Tai Chi, including:

• Ability to stay calm
• Focused attention and concentration
• Excellent for correct posture and balance
• Building character and enhancing morality
• Co-ordination of the two sides of the body
• Creativity, visualization and understanding
• Increased positive energy
• Behaviour of ADD and ADHD
• Self-esteem and self-confidence

Tai Chi also has a philosophy promoting respect for teachers and fellow students, with emphasis on maintaining harmonious relationships with others including management of interpersonal conflicts, all of which are very valuable skills for school life, home life, and community life.

Studies also show that Tai Chi also has positive effects on the self-assessed physical and mental health of college students and help to hand test pressures in high school, college and universities.

Tai Chi is also a great alternative to competitive sport. Students who shy away from sport can be attracted to Tai Chi’s gentle movements which deliver similar health benefits to sport without the challenges of competition.

As well as the physical exercise of the muscular system, Tai Chi also gently exercises the internal organs, helping control weight and also reducing the desire to ‘comfort eat’.


Please contact me to find out more detail about classes for students. Start to invest in your child’s health earlier.


Students class details:

Time:       Sunday 2:30 – 3:15pm (next term starts on Sunday 9 July for 10 weeks)
Address: Brisbane Corso Park, Yeronga (meet near the playground, cnr Cansdale Street)
Cost:        $125 per school term
Age:         12-25 year olds (parents are also welcome)
For those who want to try it out ($30 for 3 lessons, because it takes more than just one lesson to enjoy the benefits)