Master Qi Gong and Tai Chi Online Program

Are you serious about improving your well-being? Now you can learn and practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi online by joining Chunmei’s Facebook group.  Practice with the others in the group during live video sessions or replay the videos later at a time that suits you. All streamed via Facebook into the comfort of your own home or office.


Dr Greg Hooper: “I am really enjoying the live classes – probably even doing more Tai Chi now than before the restrictions came in as it is so easy to just go out into the garden and do a class – no driving needed!  And I still feel like I am in a class with Chunmei – that has surprised me a bit, how natural and “real” the class seems.” 

Sharon: “Fabulous! So great I can join in from home. Thank you ” 

Mandy Noye: “That was lovely Chunmei 🙏🏻 I haven’t been able to get to your lessons so this form of delivering lessons is fabulous!” 

How long is each session?

Each session is about 30-45 minutes.

Dates and Time for live session

Mon and Wed Night: 6:30 PM *
* subject to change

How does it work?

Step 1: To Register and Pay, go to

choose your preference: casual 1 week $20; 10 weeks $99 or 1-Year $297

Step 2: You send Chunmei Yang (saying you have paid) a message either via “Messenger” or

Step 3: You need to “Log In” or “Create” your Facebook account, and add “Chunmei Yang” as your friend if we are not already friend on Facebook.

Step 4: You will be receiving an invitation to join the group, and you need to accept it to be able to join in.

*** Please ensure that you have add Chunmei Yang as your friend so she can invite you to the class. Add Chunmei Yang as your friend.

*** If you don’t hear from me straight away, I might be sleeping, eating, teaching, driving…, guaranteed to respond within 12 hours the maximum. 

Fee* (in AUD$)

1 week casual rate $20
10 Weeks $97
1 Year $297

**Online should be less because no rent for premises. Not much less because we provide all videos available for replay.  Say, $20 per session. 1-session per week=52 weeks per year.  1-year cost should be 52* $20 = $1040; 2-session per week is $2080 and so on. This is really special.
** Price subject to change without notice 
**You can attend 4-5 live sessions per week + unlimited recorded videos for replay. 

Where can I find the “Master…” class in your Facebook page?

You need to log in to your own Facebook account. Click “Home” button on the top menu; then find “Groups” on the left hand side, you should be able to see “Master Tai Chi and Qi Gong Facebook Online Class”. Then you can click and you are in.

What are the topics covered?

Gentle Warm Up

Warm up for the neck, shoulder, spine, hips and ankle

Qi Gong:

Qi Gong Shibashi Sets One, Two and Three (each set has 18 forms);
Baduanjin Eight pieces of brocade (8 forms);
Lotus Qi Gong

Tai Chi

Yang style Tai Chi 10 forms; 16 forms; 24 forms. 
Sun style Tai Chi: Dr Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health programs

Structure of each session

Each session will includes all the gentle warm up + 1 set of Qi Gong (or Tai Chi)+ Lotus Qi Gong to cool down

Free Class (Sample session)

What happened if the schedule time is not suitable for me?

If you can’t attend a live session, you always can go to the “Master…” group to watch the recorded videos at a time that suits you.

Can I watch the videos again?

Yes. You can always go back to the “Master…” group and follow me any time any where. You can watch all the recorded videos. 

Any bonus programs?

Yes. I will share all my knowledge about keeping healthy with you. These includes:
Massage; Nutrition; Skin Care; How does Qi work in our body? How to massage yourself? Some other healthy cooking tips etc.

Free Videos Access 

You can access all my videos in the group. Some teaching step-by-step videos. Unlimited recorded sessions, teaching videos. 

How to register and pay?


More testimonials:

Dr Wendy Soares “… Although I miss the personal classes, these online sessions are still more personal (and more fun) than using DVDs. We can stay in touch with Chunmei to let her know what we are enjoying and what we are finding challenging, and she can then review these in a following session. Online Tai Chi with Chunmei is a good stress-reliever at this time of being socially limited, and I know I am investing in my own health and wellbeing now and for the future.”

Dr Matthew Haigh:”Yang laoshi, with so many of us hiding from each other these days, your online classes are a strong ray of light and keenly anticipated. I can feel my posture improving and I am just that little bit happier—a big thing for a Londoner to say. Your impromptu jokes and good humour lighten every session and give a lovely sense of community. Xiè xie nin.”

Elizabeth Lamb “Hello to my Tai Chi friends at Acacia Ridge Seniors, and my new online friends. Chunmei Yang you have created a wonderful online Tai Chi program for all of us while we are isolated at home during this terrible Corona 19 virus. This is a time to improve our Tai Chi movements and you can do it at home anytime of the day. Just think no driving needed. I am really enjoying Chunmei’s online classes. I miss the personal classes with my friends, but we will meet again sometime in the future. Now, I will be able to enjoy my classes from home as well into the future. Thank you Chunmei.”

Emma “Thanks Chunmei for the online live session this morning, it really helped with my stress build up with current affairs.” Emma

Donna “Thanks. Enjoyed joining in from home 😀💐”

Greg “That was great, thanks so much.”