Tai Chi Teacher’s Course

Yang 8 Forms – Beginners (Level 1) 


Dates, Time and Location

TBA. Please contact me for your interests. 

34a Franklin Street, Annerley, Qld 4103



What is this course about?

Yang 8 Forms is an introductory routine, easy to learn because of its simplicity, symmetry, and compact in a small space. It is good for beginners, each posture provides you the skill necessary to the next move. It is also know as Tai Chi 10 Form if you count the opening ans closing forms. Created by Chinese Sport Committee as the Level – 1 Tai Chi, Yi-duan Taiji. 

Reasons to come to the workshop

  • Learn how to do simplify Yang Tai Chi 8 movements to improve your own health in a safely and effectively way;
  • Learn how to teach this program safely and effectively to others;
  • Gain more depth of understanding of Yang 8 forms and how it help people with their health;
  • Be able to perform and teach the whole set alone. 

Who should come?

Anyone who is interested in learning, practicing or (and) teaching Tai Chi. You could be School Teachers, Personal Trainers, Yogo Teachers, Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Exercise Physiologists, Certified Allied Health Assistants, Diversional Therapists, Health Professionals, Nurses, Tai Chi teachers and advanced Tai Chi students.

What is included?

Instruction manual, Videos (back, front, and explanation), morning & afternoon refreshments, Certificate

How many levels?

Level – 1 Tai Chi, Yi-duan Taiji, 8 forms
Level – 2 Tai Chi, Er-duan Taiji, 16 forms
Level – 3 Tai Chi, San-duan Taiji, 24 forms


  • Wear comfortable cloth and flat shoes.
  • Maximum 10 attendees to ensure individualized attention to YOU!
  • Parking on the street please. To be aware that this is a One-way street.

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