Be Healthy 28-Day Program

Nothing looks as good as healthy feels! The Be Healthy 28-Day Tribe Pack is designed to help you break your unhealthy eating habits and being a new, healthier lifestyle. This 28-day program is equipped with products that guide you to transform your eating and snacking habits with healthy, low-Hi nutrition that keeps you satisfied. Join the tribe!

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The Be Healthy Program from USANA makes it easier than ever to pursue your healthy lifestyle goals.

• CellSentials® (1)
• USANA® Probiotic (2)
• Nutrimeal™ Drink Mix, Dutch Chocolate (540g) (1)
• Nutrimeal™ Drink Mix, French Vanilla (540g) (1)

Nutrimeal Drink™ Mix, Wild Strawberry (540g) (1)
• Nutrimeal™ Bulk Pouches (30-Pack), Dutch Chocolate (1)*

Free Gifts:
• USANA® Blender Bottle (1)
• USANA® Resistance Band (1)
• Be Healthy 28-Day Program brochure (1)
• USANA® branded gift box (1)

* The Be Healthy 28-Day Tribe Pack provides two Nutrimeal Meal Replacement servings per day (56 servings). Participants can choose which meal they would like to replace with our meal replacement shake.