… the students

Students are all ages, many and varied abilities and skill levels who are learning Tai Chi and Qi Gong for multitudes of reasons … here they speak for themselves:

“I have rheumatoid arthritis and began to lose the ability to walk.  I had the opportunity to experience Tai Chi with Chunmei Yang and immediately started to notice changes.  I had been working with a Doctor and discovered that I had lost the ability to use joints and muscles which I had not been aware.  What I have found is that the gentle movements of Tai Chi make me use these joints and muscles and subsequently my health has significantly improved.   For example, it had been found that my eyes could not track, meaning my eyes could not smoothly follow when a finger was moved in front of my face.  I now practice this skill through the movement of waving hands which is part of the set.  This is just one example of the many subtle ways that Tai Chi works on your physical health of which many of us are not conscious.  I believe it is important to practice regularly and I try to do Tai Chi on a daily basis.

However the impact of regular Tai Chi is not only of a physical nature.  Those who have arthritis or indeed who have experienced pregnancy, will identify with what we in our arthritis group describe as a mental fog.  It can make it hard to remember, focus and think clearly on some days.  I know I am far clearer and focused on the days that I wake and practice my Tai Chi.  Furthermore, arthritis can leave you with low energy levels that can make it difficult to even get up of a morning.  This can quickly lead to bouts of low moods and depression.  Recently I was struggling to get out of bed.  As I lay there I could hear Chunmei’s voice telling me that I am strong, I am healthy.   It took some mental effort to fight the voice telling me I was too tired, but I was able to focus on Chunmei’s mantra and get up.  This small victory has led to further successes and I am grateful that I am developing the skill to use all that Chunmei’s teachers.

Chunmei is a patient and caring instructor who has made helped me make changes to my life.  I appreciate her gentle approach and humour and am forever grateful that a work mate left her brochure in our office staff room for me to discover her.” Clare F.

“I find Tai Chi so gentle, and yet it wakes up my whole body. It’s perfect before I go trail-walking or on a morning run. Chunmei has taught us in such a way that we enjoy practicing Tai Chi daily” Fiona D.

“Chunmei’s Tai Chi classes are great for me. I’m not a fast learner, have a bad back and don’t like gyms. I find the classes relaxing and Chunmei always stresses to work within your own comfort zone. I always feel better afterwards.” Peter M.

“From the moment I arrive at the hall until the end of the lesson the atmosphere is very relaxed, happy and stress free. The exercises are gently and beneficial to me as I have arthritis.

Professional guidance by Chunmei leads us to do the correct movements and be aware to take care not to overdo them. She advises the importance of good balance, posture and strength for seniors.  I enjoy the whole hour lesson and feel mentally and physically relaxed and relieved of stress.” Gwen M. 

“When I arrived at Tai Chi class today I had a tight neck & mild headache.  By the end of the class the neck was loosened up & the mild headache GONE!”  Margaret C.

“I am a person who is suffering from Valium withdrawals (which makes you feel dizzy and have problems with co-ordination) and I am AMAZED that with Chunmei’s demonstration the movements are so brilliant, so easy to understand, so inspiring! Because she makes each move look so beautiful, like a dance movement, you WANT to learn!!!” Louise S.

“Chunmei is a great motivator and is always really supportive in her classes. She teaches with a positive attitude and with a passion for fitness. I always feel fantastic after taking a class!” M. Hood.

“Before the session I could not put my socks on, after the session I can now touch my toes and take shoes off whilst standing.” Carmel.

“Chunmei is a wonderful instructor, good humoured, patient and welcoming to us all. I am surprised how quickly my balance has improved, not just in classes, but in everyday life as well. I like trying to bring the Tai Chi approach I am learning to day to day things like bringing in the shopping or watering the garden. The Tai Chi approach to focus actually ends up making me more relaxed. I love that our classes are held looking out over the river in the shade of the parkland trees. Tai Chi with Chunmei is much better than just an exercise class.” Dr Greg Hooper.

“Having attended Tai Chi classes held weekly in the Park near our Office at Toowong for some time now I would like to commend Chunmei Yang for her efforts and skill in teaching us Tai Chi for Health. I can truly say that after each session the enthusiasm and joy of life that Chunmei communicates to us mere beginners, truly inspires us to want to learn more and more from her about this most fluid and beautiful of exercises. She is most caring and patient with us as we try to learn to slow down our movements and ‘feel’ our muscles and energy being restored. I have really noticed an improvement in my body and mind with these gentle exercises. Keep up the good work Chunmei.” Ralph Bailey, Director of Guymer Bailey Architects, Toowong

“Chunmei is a wonderful instructor and she also does fabulous massages from her home business at Annerley (you can also claim with your private health). Highly recommend her – I have a massage every fortnight. Don’t know what I would do without her 💕”. Kimmy

“I have been doing Tai Chi under the guidance of Chunmei for 2 years. During this time I have found many benefits of doing this gentle form of exercise. It was my doctor who suggested that I finish attending Pilates and to take up Tai Chi. Noticeably my balance has improved and that I am more aware of my body and movements while practicing Tai Chi, and other physical activities. Tai Chi also enables me to slow down my mind, which is also a great benefit. I have found it important to do regular gentle exercise as my job involves working in front of a computer. The slow and controlled movements in Tai Chi has also helped with my lower back pain, by keeping it at bay – I have had little or no back pain since starting Tai Chi.

I have found Chunmei to be a paitent and caring Tai Chi Instructor, who is accommodating to a variety of students at different levels. She is calm with her approach and appreciates that everyone learns at a different rate. She is an enthusiastic teacher. Over time I have learnt several Tai Chi forms and practice them on a regular basis at home between classes, which is a great way to learn and improve. I recommend Chunmei for those looking to improve their current health situation and for those who are not exercising enough with their busy lives (it is true when they say “if you don’t use it, then you lose it”). With many options to join her classes weekly, there are times to suit anyone. Regards Don”

“In only a few months of Tai Chi lessons I have found that my balance, muscle strength and concentration have greatly improved. I look forward to the lessons and the company of the students….” Steve M.